New Year, New Site...

So with the New Year rapidly approaching the planner in me started thinking about resolutions for 2017. Taking a look back at this year the majority of the ideas coming to mind could be quite easily stratified as follows:

  1. Given the amount of time I spend working, ensure that the time I'm around at home is quality time spent with family. All too often it's easy to fall into the trap of being tired from a long week.

  2. Coupled with the above, try to be come more focused and productive with spare time (there's no spare time with kids...). It's felt like a number of hobbies have fallen by the wayside recently but this is probably more to do with my scatter gun approach, which I could get away with beforehand.

Whilst I'm not going to be sharing (1) online, this site is the reboot of (2). I'm going to be documenting and sharing my experiences with the following core areas of interest:

  • SysAdmin
  • Linux
  • Python (and, hopefully, some Go if I get around to learning)
  • Tor and online privacy/anonymity
  • Cryptography and Cryptocurrency
  • Other random stuff which usually ends up with me voiding warranties...

James Veitch

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